Coaster show at Gallery30South

October 4, 2018
The Coaster Show is back at a brand new location. 
"It’s hard to believe that it’s already been SIX YEARS since Matt Kennedy founded the World Famous COASTER SHOW!  What started at La Luz de Jesus Gallery as an emergency replacement for a last minute cancellation has blossomed into the show that launched a thousand careers!

This annual event gathers a thousand or so unique pieces of artwork by hundreds of individual artists, many of whom are making their gallery debut. By placing their work alphabetically and side-by-side with established artists, the egalitarian presentation imbues each piece with an equal opportunity for discovery and acquisition. The maximum possible price of $250 for an individual coaster (with many priced between $25 and $50) and several FREE coasters, allows those with a limited acquisition budget to become legitimate patrons of the arts and even deep collectors without compromising taste, integrity or lifestyle."

image: wip
image: TriEye Right
TriEye Right
image: TriEye Left
TriEye Left
Oct 4-28