La Luz Coaster show 3

September 4, 2015
Its beer time, and La Luz de Jesus is celebrating with their third annual Coaster show! 
This year I'm contributing a set of 3 coasters, 'Cloud Camo', which fit into a larger theme that Ive been working on lately.
image: Cloud Camo1 WIP
Cloud Camo1 WIP
image: Cloud Camo1
Cloud Camo1
image: Cloud Camo2 WIP
Cloud Camo2 WIP
image: Cloud Camo2
Cloud Camo2
image: Cloud Camo3 WIP
Cloud Camo3 WIP
image: Cloud Camo3
Cloud Camo3
All coasters go on sale to the public today, and the show will be up until Sept 27 to view in person.